Our Practice

Obesity Clinic Queensland was established in 2005. Our aim is to provide the best evidence based treatment for obesity. Our practice strives to treat such complex disease that leads to several metabolic disorders causing many health hazards, which can produce problems in the short and long term. 

We approach such a disease with a multi-disciplinary team that includes an obesity physician, practice coordinator, dietician, exercise physiologist, psychologist and an experienced bariatric surgeon.

After a thorough first consultation, our patients are offered the procedure they need – rather than taking the approach of one procedure fits all. The most important aspect in managing this condition is to have an understanding of the patients eating habits and any underlying emotional, behavioural and endocrine disorders, which can be diagnosed through our extensive initial consultation with our different disciplines. We therefore offer 4 different procedures depending on various factors.

As we believe that follow up is the corner stone for long term success, we offer indefinite follow up on a bulk-billing bases, as such we eliminate the cost barrier for the patient to achieve the best results for them which in turn gives our practice, headed by Dr Daoud, the best reputation crowned by the best results which satisfy our continuous strive for excellency.