Fees and Payment

Private Health Insurance

Payment for Weight Loss Surgery

It is strongly recommended that patients wishing to undergo Weight Loss Surgery by Dr Daoud have appropriate Private Health Insurance before surgery. You will need to have top cover with most of the Health Funds as some of the more basic levels of cover such as extras-only may not cover Weight Loss Surgery. We strongly recommend you contact your Health Fund to ensure you are covered, by quoting the appropriate item number listed below for your chosen weight loss surgery. A period of 12 months waiting period usually applies if you have recently joined a Health Fund.

For your convenience, we have listed contact details below for common Health Funds:

Health Fund



AHSA - Alliance Funds
(Teachers, Defence, Police, etc.)


(02) 9411 9100



131 334



134 135

Medibank Private


132 331



131 642

Item numbers for weight loss surgery

When you contact your health fund, quote the appropriate Medicare item number/s to see if you are covered for Weight Loss Surgery:


Item numbers

Gastric sleeve

# 31575

Gastric bypass

# 31572

Gastric band

# 31569

Mini gastric bypass
(laparoscopic single anastomosis)

# 31578 and # 30515

Weight loss surgery out of pocket fees

Dr Daoud works closely with a team of professionals, including an Assistant Surgeon, Anaesthetists, Dieticians and Psychologist in selected cases to help support and guide you through your weight loss journey both before and after your surgery.

Please use the following out of pocket fees as a guide:

Initial weight loss consultation fee

Your initial consultation with Dr Daoud will cost $180. If you have a health care or pension card the fee will be $160. Your initial consultation is a very detailed discussion with Dr Daoud, specifically tailored to you, and covers your medical and dietary history, and a comprehensive discussion around the weight loss procedure you and Dr Daoud decide upon. He will discuss in detail all of the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen procedure and the various risks involved, as well as answer any questions to may have. You will be eligible for a Medicare rebate of $72.75 provided you have an up to date referral from your GP.

Professional health management fee

When you have a Weight Loss Procedure performed by Dr Mark Daoud you will be charged a weight loss surgery Management fee. For privately insured patients this fee will cover:

  • Surgeon’s fee and Assistant Surgeon's fee
  • All follow up appointments with Dr Daoud - Follow up appointments include a 4-week post-operative appointment, followed by appointments every 4-6 weeks for gastric band patients, and appointments every 6 months for sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass patients. 
  • All band adjustments (including needles and consumables)
  • Administration fee

To discuss Professional Health Management fees (for privately insured patients), please contact us directly.​

If any further surgery related to weight management is required in the future following your weight loss procedure, Dr Mark Daoud will not charge you for this. Please contact our rooms on (07) 3397 8499 for more information.

Anaesthetists' fee

This fee may vary from approximately $650, depending on the Anaesthetist and the procedure. Your anaesthetist will contact you prior to your procedure to confirm these fees.

Hospital excess fee

Most Private Health Funds will charge an excess fee when you are admitted to a private hospital for a procedure. This will vary depending on your level of cover and your Health Insurance Provider. It may range from 0-$1000. You should contact your Health Fund to see what your Excess fee is.

Dieticians' fee

You will be expected to visit our Dietician, at least (4) four times. One pre-operative, and at least 3 post-operative consultations. Their fees may vary from $60 - $130 per visit. Most patients will be eligible to receive a rebate from their Health Fund. You will need to contact your Health Fund to see what your rebate will be.

Psychologists' fee

You may be expected to visit our Psychologist, prior to your surgery and 6 weeks after surgery. The consultation fee is $240, which includes two consultations, one initial 1 hour consult and one 30min follow up consult. This fee will be rebateable. Please contact your Health Fund to see what your rebate will be. Other Follow up appointments may be required. Some patients may qualify for a care plan, which can be arranged by your GP.

Additional costs

  • Prior to your weight loss procedure, you will be required to commence a low-calorie meal replacement diet (Optifast or Optislim). You will need to purchase these meal replacements.
  • Pharmacy expenses (medications, vitamins), Blood tests, and other investigations (such as X-rays), may incur an additional cost depending on your health fund.
  • If you need to see any other specialists prior to your surgery, such as Cardiologists, Respiratory physicians, or Endocrinologists, you may be charged for these visits.

No private health insurance - self funded weight loss surgery 

Dr Daoud will assess each case during the initial long appointment and make a professional medical decision based on the patient's medical history and health, to determine whether the patient will be medically fit for this type of surgery.

As a self funded patient, there will be out of pocket costs involved that need to be paid prior to surgery.

These costs include fees payable to: the surgeon - Dr Daoud, the assistant surgeon, anaesthetist, dietician, psychologist, hospital accommodation, theatre, ICU (if applicable) and other prosthetics/disposables. You may also apply for Early Release of Superannuation to pay for this procedure. Our office will be able to give you pricing once you have had your first consultation with Dr Daoud. For more information about self-funding, please contact our rooms on 07 3397 8499.

Basic private health insurance but no top cover

If you only have a basic level of Private Health cover, then you have the option to upgrade to TOP COVER, which will cover you for Weight Loss Surgery. However, a 12-month waiting period will generally apply.  You will not be covered by your private insurance for weight loss surgery, without top cover.  We strongly recommend you phone your Private Health Insurer to discuss your options.

Other payment options

Early release of superannuation funds

You may apply to the Department of Human Services (DHS) for early release of superannuation funds to help cover the cost of weight loss surgery.

Details of this may be found on the following DHS website pages:

Please check your eligibility under Compassionate Grounds - Medical Treatment or Medical Transport. You may be eligible for an early release of superannuation to pay for necessary medical treatment or medical transport expenses for yourself or your dependent if either of you has:

  1. A life-threatening illness or injury
  2. The medical treatment isn’t readily available through the public health system
  3. You can’t afford to pay for the expense without accessing your superannuation benefits

What you will need before you apply

To apply for an Early Release of Superannuation, you will need the following documentation:

  1. A letter addressed to Department of Human Services from Dr Mark Daoud.
  2. A Quote for medical expenses from Dr Mark Daoud.
  3. A letter from your GP which must include the following information:
  • You are applying for early release of superannuation on compassionate grounds for medical treatment.
  • The condition is a life-threatening illness if left untreated.
  • The treatment is not readily available in the Public Health system.

A letter from your Health Fund stating your level of cover, including any hospital excess payable.

How to apply

You will need to download and install the free application Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to view and print these documents.

  1. To access your superannuation, you will need to apply online to The Department of Human Services on the following DHS website page:
  1. Begin your application in the personal details section of your Centrelink online account through myGov. You will need to set up a myGov account.
  2. After completing your application online, you can submit your application and most supporting documents electronically at the end of the process.
  3. If you are mailing the supporting documents, post to:
    PO BOX 7832

    If you are not applying online, it is advisable to photocopy your documentation before mailing your application. Please post your documents by 'Registered Post' to ensure they are signed for on delivery.

If you have any queries, relating to your claim, please phone The Department of Human Services on 1300 131 060.

Payment Methods

We accept the following Payment Methods:

  • Cash.
  • Cheque.
  • Electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS).
  • Direct deposit via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  • Credit Card – including VISA, MasterCard.

Note: We do not accept American Express (AMEX).