Endoscopic overstitch


Overstitch is a new technique, which enables the surgeon to place suture into the the targeted part of the gastrointestinal tract through the mouth.


It can be used as a weight loss procedure, either as a primary such as endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty or as a revisional procedure such as stoma reduction for patients who have had Roux en y gastric bypass and starting to gain weight. It also has a place for various other conditions such as after removal of a large polyp or a lesion, so the resection site can be repaired.

Preoperative Instructions

We recommend this procedure mainly as a revisional procedure, however in carefully selected cases we do recommend this as a primary procedure.


  • Endoscopic stoma reduction.
  • Endoscopic gastric pouch reduction.
  • Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.

Postoperative Instructions

Clear fluid diet only for 24 hours, then free fluid diet for 2 weeks followed by soft diet for 2 weeks. We also recommend Proton Pump Inhibitor therapy for 4 weeks after the procedure to help healing of the lining of the stomach.


  • Perforation
  • Bleeding
  • Failure
  • Obstruction